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1922 – The Isaac Walton League is formed to protect America for future generations

March 1935 – The South Platte Chapter of the Isaac Walton League is formed

August 1948 – The Chapter incorporates and purchases land (Syracuse Reservoir) at the corner of Syracuse St. and S. Uninta St. in Denver

April 1950 – The Chapter affiliates with the National Rifle Association

August 1955 – Cherry Creek Gun Club, Inc. (CCGC) is officially formed under its new name with 11 members on the Board of Directors and purchases the Syracuse property from the Isaac Walton League

1966 – The property and its shooting range moves from Arapahoe County jurisdiction to the City and County of Denver, nearly doubling its property taxes

November 1966 – CCGC is notified of the approval of a housing development nearby that will make the range inoperable for safety reasons

1968 – The CCGC Junior Club has 41 members, ranging in age from 9-17

March 1968 – The initiation fee was $25, the annual dues were $9.50 and the work bond was $10

April 1969 – CCGC membership is 211; moving to another location is still being discussed

June 1970 – The initiation fee was $25, the annual dues were $12.50 and the work bond was $12.50. Members are allowed one free guest; any additional guests have to pay $1.00.

The rules indicated there was an Outdoor Pistol Range to be used only for hand guns “except that the first 25 west-end
positions may be used for rim-fire rifles. A big Bore Range where rim-fire rifles of less than 2,000 fps muzzle velocity and shotguns are prohibited; muzzle loaders may be used; the 300 yard firing line may no longer be used; common firing point will be on the 200 yard line but the 100 yard line may be used if no other shooters are firing or waiting; only targets in appropriate frames may be used; muzzle loaders have to be shot from the 100 yard line; shotguns only on the Outdoor Pistol Range. In the Indoor Range, rim-fire firearms with cartridges no more powerful than Long Rifle may be used; center-fire hand guns with loads no more powerful than .45 caliber loaded with 3.5 grains of Bullseye; Police Combat Range to be used only by NRA-approved rules for the Police Combat Course.

January 1972 – Board of Directors grows to 13 members with by-laws changes to documents from 1955

April 1973 – CCGC enrolls in the Civilian Marksmanship Program, allowing it to receive free ammunition and targets

1974 – Membership included 214 senior members and 20 Junior members

December 1974 – Operation of the pistol range was discontinued due to noise complaints from surrounding homeowners and the City of Denver putting in a street nearby

1975 – A statistical report to the DCM shows 214 members who expended 22,000 .22 rounds per year, 6 females as members. The Club meets once a month, conducts Basic Marksmanship instruction 28 times per year, conducts Hunter Safety courses and engages in competition and tournaments with other clubs.

March 1975 – Van Schaack and Company, Realtors, have sole rights to sell the Syracuse property for an asking price of $450,000. Board of Directors pursues the purchase of land at 1310 S. Clinton St., 1.5 acres in all, and zoned as a shooting range despite the nearby homes

September 1977 – CCGC sells its property for consideration of nearly $260,000, including all hardware, fixtures, and outdoor construction. The eventual price for 18.3 acres was $350,000.

March 1978 – CCGC purchases all the indoor target equipment from the Air Force Academy and 17 tons of steel armor plate for $1,600.

April 1978 – The club finalizes the purchase of a 150 by 450-foot parcel at 1310 S. Clinton. The parcel equates to 1.55 acres. Final cost was $65,000.

July 1978 – First membership meeting is held on the new Clinton property, although the sale doesn’t actually complete until August. Construction begins almost immediately.

February 1979 – Construction begins on the firing ranges, with a final bill just over $191,000. The job would include 20 firing stations and a long tube for rifle sighting.

March 1979 – After negociating with the State of Colorado for several years, CCGC takes over the concessions at the shooting range at Cherry Creek State Park.

Late 1979 – Construction on the range is completed.

February, 1980 – The first bullseye pistol shooting competition was held in the indoor range consisting of a .22 only 900 point match. There were 42 competitors.

March, 1980 – The first pistol 1500 point match was held consisting of a 900 point .22 pistol, a 300 point center fire pistol, and a 300 point .45 pistol course.

April, 1980 – The first pistol 2700 match was held in the indoor range. Following this match, a seasonal match schedule was established to fire a 2700 match on the last week end of each month starting in September running through April each year.

October 1982 – A pistol winter league competition was started consisting of a National Match course for .22 and for .45 caliber pistols and a grand aggregate. The winter league would run for 20 weeks.

1983 – The high power shooting tube was constructed.

1988 – The first Action Handgun (Pin Shooting) competition began.

2003 – The Board approved a proposal to establish a Boy Scout merit badge program.

December, 2004 – Articles of Incorporation and Special Bylaws, together with a tax exemption request, were filed with the state.

CCGC’s domain name was registered with the internet.

December, 2005 – Background checks for new members was instituted.

January, 2006 – CCGC’s website is activated.

August, 2006 – Card entry system is installed and put into service.

January, 2009 – Board of Directors raises Guest Fee to $15.

October, 2009 – Winter Pistol League is re-started.

October, 2012 – At this time, the following Club activities are active:

  •  Pistol Winter League – Monday evenings for 20 weeks starting in October

  •  Action Handgun (Pin Shooting) – Tuesday evenings all year

  •  Smallbore practice – Wednesday evenings all year except for the Winter League

  •  Smallbore Winter League – Wednesday evenings starting in October

  •  Junior practice – Thursday evenings all year

  •  Pistol Summer League – Monday evenings starting in July and ending in September

  •  Pistol 2700 Competition matches – Last Saturday of each month starting in September and ending in April

Milestones identified by Michael Thomas, from CCGC History provided by Chuck Towne.

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