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Pin Shooting Safety

1. Eye and ear protection and long pants are required while on the range.

2. No uncased firearms are allowed behind the firing line.

3. Firearms will only be uncased and recased at the firing line at the command of the Range Officer.

4. Firearms will be pointed downrange at all times. Shoot from tables only.

5. Any rimfire caliber is acceptable, EXCEPT .22 Win Mag.

6. Any center fire caliber is acceptable, EXCEPT high-pressure-compensated firearms, magnum loads, major loads, hollow points, soft points, half-jacketed bullets, lead bullets, full jacket, or plated bullets.

7. Upon completion of your set, guns will remain unloaded, cylinders open and slides back, with cylinders and chambers empty.

8. No one is allowed forward of the firing line until the Range Officer has declared the line safe.