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Bullseye Pistol

Bullseye Pistol


NRA Precision Pistol, aka Bulls-Eye pistol shooting, is shooting for accuracy. In Bulls-Eye shooting, a shooter shoots at a target with
scoring rings ranging from an “X” ring which is the smallest, up to a “4” ring, the largest. A shooter will shoot 90 rounds per match,
10 points per shot, for a possible of 900 points. A match consists of 3 different types of shooting:


Slow Fire 50yds outdoors or for indoors a scaled target at a shorter distance.
20 rounds two 10 minute time periods

Timed Fire 25yds
20 rounds (5 rounds each, (4) 20 sec time periods) time periods are controlled by turning targets.

Rapid Fire 25yds
20 rounds (5 rounds each, (4) 10 sec time periods)

National Match Course
10 rounds slow fire 50yds, 10 rounds timed fire 25yds, and 10 rounds rapid fire 25yds


Most new shooters start out with just a .22 caliber pistol. Red Dot optics are allowed.

In a 2700 match, a shooter uses a .22 caliber pistol, a center-fire pistol, (.32, .38, or.45 caliber), and a .45 caliber pistol.

Cherry Creek Gun Club is the host for NRA sanctioned 2700 indoor Bullseye matches, normally one per month Sept. – April.
We also host an indoor Bullseye pistol League on Monday evenings October – March shooting the National Match Course.


For more information contact: Tim Young 720-951-0475 or Steve Locatilli 303-697-5748