February 23-24, 1980 – The first bullseye pistol shooting competition was held in the indoor range consisting
of a 22 only 900 point match. There were 42 competitors. The match director, range officer and statistician
was Chuck Towne.

March 29-30, 1980 – A pistol 1500 point match was held consisting of a 900 point 22 pistol, a 300 point center
fire pistol and a 300 point 45 pistol course.

April 26-27, 1980 – The first pistol 2700 match was held in the indoor range. Following this match, a seasonal
match schedule was established to fire a 2700 match on the last week end of each month starting in September
running through April each year. Chuck Towne was the match director until April 2004 when he turned over the
operation to Dave Goodlette.

June 18, 1980 – The Club signed a contract with the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation to operate the
shooting concession located on Jordan Road.

January 31, 1982 – Incident Report of Accidental Shooting for Cherry Creek Range at 1:15 pm, a male, white,
41 years old engineer William Paul Farmer. He was treated at Porter Memorial for “Chest wound and powder
burns to his eyes”. He was “out at the Cherry Creek Range…shooting in booth #11. His Thompson Semi-
automatic Carbine .45 jammed. He pointed the gun upward and opened the chamber. At this point the gun
went off, with part of the cartridge hitting” the victim. A small piece of metal “is lodged below the skin” of the
chest, before the bone. “A lead bullet was removed from the bore of the Thompson and placed in evidence.”
The register for the Range for this date shows that it was charging $2.50 per shooter and had positions with
numbers as well as letters. The Range Master at this time was Chris Robert Sabin, born 11/26/1958.

March 15, 1982 – An application for insurance from Markel Incorporated with Zimmerman, Treasurer,
indicates the location of the range as 12500 E. Belleview Ave., Arapahoe County, Colorado (Cherry Creek State
Recreation Area) which is an “Open Air Range with 22 shooting lanes from 25 to 100 yards in length and
shotgun range for hand – thrown targets. There were a total of 13,977 users during 1981. There was a full-
time manager/range officer on duty at all times. Gross receipts were $51,658.21 for 1981 from NRA-
sanctioned high-power and small bore rifles, handguns, shotguns and primitive weapons. Twenty two points
consisting of 12 at 100 yard, 10 at 25 yards, and shotgun range of 8 firing points to 300 yards. There were
covered firing points. A fee of $2.50 per shooter plus a daily fee for entry to the Cherry Creek State Recreation
Area was charged for usage of the range.

October 1982 – A pistol winter league competition was started consisting of a National Match course for 22
and for 45 caliber pistols and a grand aggregate. The winter league would run for 20 weeks.

1983 – The high power shooting tube was constructed.

October 12, 1984 – A Release of Deed of Trust for 1300 Block of South Clinton from Carl Jacobs via East
Continental Industrial Bank and signed by Joni Achenbach, Deputy Public Trustee.


The above history was compiled by Fred Crowle as Club Historian. This information was turned over to Chuck Towne who typed it in chronological order and added the information that follows.


1986 – A Juniors shooting club was formed to train pre-nineteen year old people in small bore rifle target
shooting. The first director was Dick Bower followed by Benninghoven and Lavelle as a team and then Fluman
and Trisdale as a team. Several students of the Juniors club received college scholarships based on their small
bore shooting expertise.

February 1987 – Howard Glasier suggested to the Board that the Club purchase school type lockers for
members to store shooting equipment. A motion was made and passed to purchase the lockers and to charge
a $10 rental fee to membrs.

1988 – Joe Edwards organized Action Handgun (pin shooter) competition in the west range. This activity has
continued to the present.