November 18, 1966 – It was reported that a developer is planning to build houses southeast of the range to
be called Hutchinson Hills. A planned road at the back of the property will ruin the ranges.

December 13, 1966 – The Uinta range became part of the City and County of Denver in 1966. Taxes therefore
went up to $1,204.83 (paid in 1968) on an evaluation of the land at $11,580 and building of $4,360. This tax is
noted by Paul R. Guthrie, Corresponding Secretary, as being “about double from our Arapahoe City Tax.” He
also notes in the newsletter that “LBJ, Senators Dodd, Kennedys et al seem determined to prevent you from
having the means to protect your families and yourselves. This is in spite of the great rise in crime, the
protection afforded criminals by our so nice US Supreme Court and decline in moral standards in all strata of
our “Great Society.” Attached were enclosed checks for the NRA annual membership fee which indicated that
the cost was $4.00.

January 2, 1967 – the Club minutes indicated that the Club was “still looking at land…” for a new range.

1968 – The Cherry Creek Gun Club Junior Club had 41 members ranging from 9 to 17 years of age. Curtis
McBride was the Junior Club leader at the time.

January 19, 1968 – Big Bore rifle had two matches despite bad weather; one was scheduled on January 21,
1968; Giff Henderson was the chairman of Big Bore and Small Bore rifle; the Club tied for first place. There
was a regular Big Bore Winter League that ended in a qualification match in April.

March 1, 1968 – The Range Rules were revised to allow the 300 yard line to be used on the Big Bore range.
The initiation fee was $25, the annual fee was $9.50 and the work bond was $10 annually.

April 18, 1969 – There were 211 paid members. Even at this date, the problem of relocation was being

April 25, 1969 – This was the first Board meeting since 1967.

September 9, 1969 –Crowle was Corresponding Secretary and was writing the newsletter. He was using the
addressograph and had mailed the newsletter through December 1969. Crowle was elected as President in
1970. Crowle terminated Ronald Ingraham as Caretaker in a letter dated November 6 to be effective January
1, 1971. As of 1969, Crowle was Secretary, Schooley was President, George Horner was Vice President and
Thomas Rhone was Treasure. May of 1969 was the last newsletter prepared by Guthrie and the following
newsletter was prepared by Crowle. A letter signed by Schooley to the NRA indicated that, effective June 1,
1969, Crowle would be Corresponding Secretary since Paul Guthrie resigned.

December 18, 1969 – During the General meeting, nominations and membership voting took place for the
1970 Board of Directors.