April 21, 1950 – A Certificate of Amendment to Certificate of Incorporation of the South Platte Chapter of the
Isaac Walton League of America was written by Evan L. Evans, President, and Oscar R. Mains, Secretary of the
Chapter, a resolution was presented at a “special meeting” and adopted to read….that the corporate name
will be The South Platte Chapter of the Isaac Walton League of America, Inc. with the purposes and objects of
supporting the conservation program of the Isaac Walton League of America; to affiliate with the National
Rifle Association and with any other organization having similar objects and purposes, and “to promote
educational programs designed to better acquaint the citizens of this organization with the safe use and care
of firearms”….and “to acquire.…hold….maintain….real estate and real property or any interest or rights therein
necessary or proper for the purposes of this corporation.” This document which was the start of the gun club
since it includes the new objective of affiliating with the NRA and training its members in firearms was signed
on this date by President, Evan L. Evans, and Secretary, Oscar R. Mains. This was the beginning of the shooting
club that became the Cherry Creek Gun Club.

April 21, 1950 – The club affiliated itself with the NRA for purposes and objectives “to support the
conservation program” and promote safe use of firearms, train members on small arms, to advocate and work
for the right to keep and bear arms, to encourage firearms competition, and develop a reserve of trained
riflemen in times of national emergency.

August 13, 1955 – The Cherry Creek Gun Club, Inc. was created to promote recreational and educational
aspects of small arms, etc.

August 13, 1955 – A Certificate of Incorporation signed by Eugene A. Ferrand, Jr., Chester Kline and John M.
Schooley. This document lists a Board of Directors for this Corporation as 11: Eugene Ferrand, Lynn Forrester,
Gifford Henderson, Chester Kline, Marvin Edwards, Algrid Stephan, C.A. Brown, Don Andrews, Harold Miller, R.
T. McCluskey and Schooley. The Certificate indicates that the “principle office” of said corporation shall be
located “near Sullivan”, County of Arapahoe, and that this BOD shall have the power to make the bylaws. The
Certificate is signed by Ferrand, Kline and Schooley, and notarized by Mary M. King. It was filed in Book 719,
page 137 in the office of the Secretary of State of the State of Colorado on August 23, 1955 at 10:10 am and
signed by George J. Baker, Secretary of State. It is Certificate of Incorporation 130041. A penciled note on the
back of the Certificate of Incorporation indicates that the Sullivan range began life in Arapahoe county (where
it was recorded) but later, at the time of this note (no date given) was “in Denver.”

August 23, 1955 – A “Certificate of Authority” was issued by the Department of State of the state of Colorado
to the “Cherry Creek Gun Club, Inc. The certificate was signed by George F. Baker, the Secretary of State of
the state of Colorado and verified by F. J. Serafini, Deputy.

October 3, 1955 – The League conveys to CCGC for “the sum of one dollar and other good and valuable
considerations” that same property, signed by Eugene A. Ferrand, Jr., Secretary, and John Schooley, President
of the League.

November 30, 1955 – A deed (recorded by Earl K. Downing, Reception No. 572510 on 12/13/1955) between
the South Platte Chapter of the Isaac Walton League of America, Inc. and Cherry Creek Gun Club, Inc.,
witnessing that Walton for $10 and other good and valuable considerations does quite claim real estate “in
Arapahoe County, that part of the Southeast Quarter of Northwest Quarter of Section 33, Township 4 South,
Range 67 West; thence, north 00.11 degrees east 1301.0 feet; thence south 79 degrees west 404.5 feet;
thence south 27.16 degrees west 854.0 feet; thence, south 462.0 feet; thence, south 89.50 degrees east 787.1
feet to the point of beginning; together with a perpetual easement for use as a roadway or right-of-way thirty
feet in width, commencing at the point 1301 feet north of the center of said section above described, thence,
north to that public road known as Sullivan Road.” This was attested by Eugene A. Ferrand, Jr., Secretary, and
by President J. M. Schooley of the South Platte Chapter of the Isaac Walton League of America, Inc. The Range
is zoned R-1, for non-conforming use.

December 23, 1957 – In a petition for tax refund, the Club asked for abatement on the amount of $3,460 taxes
paid, of $146.88 in School District 5 because it is a non-profit organization, to wit: “This property was the
former Isaac Walton League property and was sold to the Cherry Creek Gun Club, Inc. by Warranty Deed in
book 937, Page 551. As it is a non-profit organization coming under the provisions of Chapter 142, Sec. 22,
1935 CSA, it should have been exempt from taxation.” The petition was signed by Schooley. The petition was

December 14-23, 1959 – The Club had a water well for “domestic use” dug by Hier & Price. The well was paid for by John Schooley at $3,841 on January 11, 1960. The total well depth was 1,028 feet, the static water level was at 75 feet and a cement shut-off was at 335 feet.