March 9, 1935 - The club started as the “The South Platt Chapter of the Isaac Walton League of America, Inc.” for purposes and objectives “to develop opportunities for the enjoyment of the great outdoors as an essential part of the character building and the spiritual and physical development of our people; ….and transmit to posterity the outdoor America of our ancestors.”

August 2, 1948 – In a diagrammatic and Legal Description of Cherry Creek Gun Club, Inc., property at 2731 South Uinta, Denver CO 80222, it is stated “This deed was…..transferred from the South Platte Chapter of the Isaac Walton League to the Cherry Creek Gun Club when CCGC became incorporated,” The property had been bought from John DeGrood, deed dated September 2, 1948, recorded in Book #617, Page #414, File No. 462840. It was located at the intersection of Syracuse Way and South Uinta Street.

August 27, 1948 – The Board of Directors of the South Platte Chapter of the Isaac Walton League met at the Albany Hotel in Denver at noon to “enact and approve” a resolution. A.J. Crowley was President of the Chapter and Recorder, John R. Hailey was Vice President and I. L. Morse was Treasurer. The resolution states that this corporation has entered upon a policy of acquiring more land for the carrying out of the objects and purposes for which it was organized, and thus that it intends to deal with John DeGrood to buy his land which he is offering for $4,000, and in fact that “be it resolved that this corporation purchase from John DeGrood the aforesaid land more specifically described as follows….” The $4,000 was paid at $1,500 on date of closing and delivery of the deed, the balance with promissory note of $2,500 in payments of “not less than $500 per year on the principal with interest at 5%.”

August 31, 1948 – A deed between John DeGrood and the South Platte Chapter of the Isaac Walton League of
America, Inc., a Corporation of the City and County of Denver that for $10 and other “good and valuable considerations” conveys the property described above (see description dated November 30, 1955) to said Isaac Walton League chapter.

September 14. 1948 – The League was already considering buying the reservoir because they made an agreement with Henry Shorte that he will remove all the cement and stone ramp on the inside of the reservoir; that he will make a cut in the north wall of the reservoir 24 feet wide and on a level with the floor of the reservoir; that he will construct a road 30 feet wide from the public road known as Sullivan Road; and that all this will be completed not later than December 15, 1948, all in consideration that Shorte would have for his own use the rubble that he removed. Crowley as President and McCluskey as Secretary of the league signed this agreement.