Cherry Creek Gun Club

Cherry Creek Gun Club, Inc. (CCGC) is a private indoor precision handgun and rifle shooting club located in an un-incorporated section of Arapahoe County in the East Denver metro area.
CCGC facilities are available to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, consisting of two 10-lane handgun ranges, each 25-yards long (3 are magnum-rated), and a two-position 100-yard rifle range. Our controlled access facility is not open to the public, and we do not sell or rent firearms, ammunition, or have gunsmithing services.
CCGC welcomes new member inquiries. We are an NRA-affiliated club and all club members must be an NRA member. A comprehensive background check and safety orientation are required as part of the application process. We have several types of memberships available, and members may bring guests with certain limitations.
Programs include Bullseye/2700 precision handgun, bowling pin shooting, state handgun matches, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education classes, as well as an active Juniors marksmanship program..

Note that CCGC is NOT the shooting range at Cherry Creek State Park (The Family Shooting Center), although the two are frequently confused.

1310 S. Clinton St., Denver, CO 80231

Mailing Address: 1155 S. Havana St., #11-319, Aurora, CO 80012

Phone is NOT attended - leave a message!